ECOM 001 - Macroeconomics A

Instructor: Giulio Fella. Office hours: Thursday 1-3p.m. Room W302
Lectures: Friday 14-17, W317

The syllabus contains all the relevant information about the course.

Lecture notes: LN 1|LN 2|LN 3|LN 4|LN 5|LN 6|LN 7|LN 8|LN 9|LN 10

Problem sets: PSET 1|PSET 2|PSET 3|PSET 4|PSET 5|PSET 6|PSET 7|PSET 8|PSET 9

Solutions to problem sets:SOL 2|SOL 3|SOL 4|SOL 5|SOL 6|SOL 7|SOL 8|SOL 9